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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


All info that we provided by us here is purely intended to promote new Talent, Artists, Music Album or anything that involve Individual, Community (Charity Event) and also to to create awareness about thing that happen around us, beside to inspired others with info that we can used in our daily life, and dont take things for granted, technology and ICT makes thing even better for our life and we hope this website be a place for others, to learn, share and also get information for our daily lives, and hope this will help abit

If you want us to write about your life,  work that involve ppl, music or anything that can inspire others to better in their life, pls do contact us, and InsyaAllah, if you are choosen by us, we will give you our full support, media write up and video interview. This is one fully transparent website and non profit gain  for  any  help that we provide, strictly for the good cause and not for business or profit.  

 Likewise, If you found any inappropiate info that should be taken off of our site, drop us a message and we will take a look and will be removed immediately. 

e fully respect our artis and people privacy and dislike, in such we want to make everyone happy and always remember sharing is caring,  do write to us and dont forget to send info about what you want us to help. Thank you for reading, enjoy.

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